Artist Statement

On the Conceptual section:
This body of work contains enigmatic but powerful paintings that merge a fascination with fictional narratives with a brazen honesty in portraiture. It tends to intertwine the past with the present and future combining with fact and fiction accumulating into an synthesis that is veracious as well as ambiguous. It grows like an organism evolving from an awareness of its environment and becomes an exploration of all that is psychological, personal, iconic, historical, and eternal.

On the Portrait section:
Oscar Wilde once said that “every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter” and that is, for the most part, particularly true. Artists strive for a kind of honesty that can only be bared through a cumulation of psychological examination of personal thought, deep insight into one's knowledge of history, an awareness of man's nature, and an impudent attitude of the highest regard. It is then that all of the ideals of the portrait can be reached and only then that satisfaction can be attained.